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Meet The Influencer: Allana Booth

Allana Booth

Born and raised in a small coastal town on the sandy shores of South East Australia, a love of summer is forever ingrained in Allana. Known for touting some of the hottest swimwear on the planet, it made perfect sense when Allana and her sister Bianca launched their own swimwear label, Two Wolves Swimwear, last year. 

With over half a million Instagram followers, a killer bod and enviable travel feed, Allana has rightly earned herself a spot of one of Australia's most influential beach babes. 

Read on to get a glimpse into the life of the glowing girl behind the bikinis.


You’re based between Bali and the Gold Coast now. Do you have a preference?

They are both so different so it’s hard to say. When I’m in either place for too long I get homesick for the other. I have people I love in both places so I will always be torn between the two.

What does a typical day for you look like? 

It usually starts with a sunrise beach walk with the puppies and coffee. Then to the gym. Get home at around 9am and start working on emails for the business and whatever else needs to be done to maintain it. Some days I can wrap up work at 1pm and other days I can go late into the night working on the business. I always like to end the day at the beach or with friends. Our work is quite flexible and always changing so some weeks are consistent with our routine and others can be absolute chaos.


Allana Booth

Congratulations on the launch of Two Wolves Swimwear with your sister Bianca! How did the idea come about?

Thank you :) The idea came about 4 years ago. We basically grew up on the beach; so being in bikinis is like our second skin. It made sense to make a career out of something that has always been apart of our lives. We always wanted have our own swimwear label and knew we would, it just took us awhile to get the ball rolling.

What was the inspiration behind the collection? 

Our inspiration for this collection was from old school vogue photoshoots and a ‘beachy’ Kate Moss x Cindy Crawford. We wanted our swimwear to have an effortless feel with unique prints to give a laid back style while still standing out. Our style also influenced the collection a lot, as we only wanted to make swimwear that we would 100% wear.


Allana Booth Two Wolves Swimwear 

How would you describe the “Two Wolves” girl?

The Two Wolves girl is free and wild. She loves to travel. From camping to luxury. She can be a complete beach bum with messy hair or a princess in her private villa (because lets face it, me and Bianca can be both of those things haha). We see the Two Wolves girl as effortlessly cool, who rocks who she is and isn’t afraid to wear a skimpy bikini.

What is it like having your sister as a business partner?

It means we are never too far from one another. We have rarely been separated for longer than 2 weeks since the planning for the business started. We also have the same vision for the brand, which makes it a lot easier to decide what direction we want it to go in. It also makes it easy to whip the other into shape if we feel like one could be slacking.


Allana and Bianca Booth

You seem to be in a bikini all year round. How do you manage to stay confident and motivated all time? 

I really am always in a bikini. I live between Bali and the Gold Coast so it is always summer for me. I generally eat really healthy and exercise everyday. If I’m being active I always feel confident with my body as I feel healthy on the inside, which makes a big difference. Mind you there are still times when I’m not being healthy and don’t feel my best in a bikini, but that just motivates me to get back in shape.

You are known for your killer bikini body. Any health secrets you swear by?

No sugar in the mornings, egg white omelettes with veggies for breakfast does wonders. I don’t crave sugar for the rest of the day then and tend to continue to eat healthy foods. If I start off eating bad then I will eat crap foods for the rest of the day.
Drink a lot of water. I typically put lemon and cucumber in my water or BCAA. You might bloat that day from all the water but the next day you feel so much better.


Allana Booth

Any tips for looking your best when taking a photo in a swimsuit?

Know your angles of course. Stretch your body out and don’t scrunch up.For me, if I pull my bikini bottoms up higher, it compliments my body shape better which comes across in photos.

If you could wear one swimsuit for the rest of your life, what style would you choose?

A standard triangle tie up bikini. You can never go wrong with the style and it looks good on different body types.

What are your favourite swim trends?

Mid rise Brazilian bikini bottoms
Allana booth interview


Dream holiday destination:
Italy, Amalifi Coast
Favourite resort or hotel:
Micks place Binigin or Ulluwatu Surf Villas
Bikini you couldn’t live without:
Tie up triangle bikini in black
No. 1 style tip:
Don’t wear bikinis bottoms on your hips; your curves always look better when they are pulled up a little higher.
Top 5 Instagram accounts you follow:
Wolfcubwolfcub (for photography)
Urbansociety (for vibes)
Lastdaze (for quotes and vibes)
Cammeron_hammond (for photography)
Gypsea-lust x doyoutravel (for travels)
    Travel essentials:
    A book
    My film camera
    Beauty routine:
    Avocado oil in the shower for soft skin
    Monthly skin peels to keep my face fresh and acne free
    A ton of Moisturiser
    Fitness routine:
    20- 40minute run (depending on how I feel, running is like meditation for me, I zone out and barely register what I’m doing)
    Butt and leg weights for 40 mins
    Ab exercises for 15 mins

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